Experience The Thrill of Parasailing

Parasailing is a popular sport in Destin. Parasailing is when a customer is pulled behind a boat with a parachute. As the boat goes faster, the customer(s) will go higher in the air. Depending on the amount of rope and wind, the customer can go as high as 1,000 feet in the air. Destin parasailing is one of the most popular water excursions in the area and there are several operators to book tours from.

you'll never know what you'll see from above...

destin parasailingParasailing has been offered as one of Destin's top attractions for over 20 years. Over those 20 years, there has been many advances in the safety of the sport that allows customers to safely land and take off right from the boat. Most customers will ride together as the parachutes can typically accommodate up to 3 if weight permits. The rides are typically very smooth and there is a lot of cool stuff to see from above. If you're lucky, you may encounter a friendly bird or dolphins swimming below. Most parasailing companies are located on the Destin Boardwalk and they are always visible from the beach. Parasailing in Destin has been so popular that it's the unofficial capital of the world for the sport. There is said to be more parasailing boats in Destin than any other city in the world.

Customer Reviews from TripShock.com

Parasailing in Destin
"It was awesome!! The only ones on the boat, maximum air time, beautiful coast line. Photos came out awesome,(extra $20, well worth it, they just give you the memory card) dip in the water was nice and refreshing. Captin and crew (2 man operation) were awesome, infomative, and cool. Told us sweet spots in Destin to visit, where to eat, what to do. Will use this service again, it saved me $10, overall."
Lisa Duenes - Tomball, TX

Awesome Experience
"Parasailing Adventure is the best experience I've ever had as far as beach vacations go. They're located in an easy-to-find area, their prices can't be beat, and the actual experience is fun, comfortable, and beautiful. I trusted their judgment the entire time and it seemed we were having the best time out of all the other parasailing crews around. Highly recommended."
Alex Hosler - Pensacola, FL

Parasailing Adventure
" This was my first time parasailing and it was a fabulous experience.Our Captain was Mason ans I think the girl with him was Michele.They were great and made the flight very comfortable. TripShock was the best to work with for reservations> I will definitely use them every chance I get and I recommend both Destin Parasail and TripShock to all my friends."
Mary Mack - Shawnee, OK